MOONROOT is a creative collective of womyn, trans, and genderqueer folks of Asian and Pacific Islander descent, living and loving in diaspora. We are an evolving experiment in building loving, radical community across social and geographic borders that began in 2011. Rooted in a deep desire to resist isolation and invisibility, we are committed to enacting creative possibilities that move all of us towards healing, wholeness, and self-determination.

Our zines are just one way we are growing space to share our love, pain, and joy with each other and affirm our existence in a world in which our voices are marginalized, misunderstood, or ignored.

We encourage you to print, distribute, and share our zines with your friends. Also, if you are a self-identified womyn, trans*, or genderqueer person of API descent, we want to connect.

We love you. And we want to survive and thrive with you.


the crew:

  • monna is a queer chinese american doodler, daydreamer, and schemer with a penchant for stegos, logic puzzles, and praise sandwiches.
  • jess is a fat hapa genderqueer dreamer who currently resides in portland, oregon.
  • linda is a queer artist and cultural worker. works cited at
  • amy d is studying to be a witch and a lawyer. she is of questionable origin, but first emerged and continues residing in baltimore, md.
  • sine is a fire tiger living in baltimore, maryland.
  • claudia is a Bay Area re-transplant, mixed race Asian American womanist, verbal and visual, on and ever onward.
  • mina is a 1.75 gen immigrant with roots in hong kong and yokohama. her name means [beautiful wild apple tree] in japanese, although she's still a seed in dispersal.

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send love notes to hello(at)moonroot(dot)info.