m o o n r o o t

Dear friends of MOONROOT,

We are excited to announce the publication of our latest issue, moonfruit: ten years of moonroot!

Started in 2011, MOONROOT went on hiatus in 2016 to make space for & to adapt to the continued growth and shifts in our lives.

Ten years later, we are feeling the importance of (re)connection for our collective survival amid the multiple crises and injustices that we continue to face. We came back together to reflect on what MOONROOT has meant and continues to mean for us: love and community.

Ten years later, we live in a different world now. We’ve grown, we’ve aged, and we’re still here. Through this issue, we continue to pause, reflect, celebrate, and be our own archivists. We hold space for all that our communities continue to experience: pain, loss, rage, resilience, solidarity, joy… and in this issue we uplift the theme of growth. We invite you to join us in creativity, connection, and community to guide us towards liberation.

<3 moonroot